DIY! Sheepskin Décor For Your Home

Looking to prep your home with comfort and style?

Sheepskin rugs, pillows, chairs and ottomans are currently all the rage! Once known to be used in country and cottage-style decorating, sheepskin has transitioned into urban homes and apartments everywhere.

Use Sheepskin To Add Texture

Simplicity definitely beats complexity. If you’ve got an all-white bedroom or space in your home, a sheepskin rug can spruce it up by adding texture to blatant white. For a harmonious interior, you can add texture in the same color but in the form of fabrics, wallpapers, and carpets. The sight of a sheepskin rug, although white, brings warmth through its shaggy and luxurious fur.


Use It As A Comfy And Stylish Chair Cover!

Not sure how to upgrade your kitchen or an old chair? You can change their look by throwing sheepskin over them for a glam and ultra-sophisticated appearance. This space used Icelandic Sheepskin, known for its long, thick fur to turn a boring neutral kitchen into an exciting dining area. Some sheepskin rug products are dyed different colors, so you there are endless options to choose what matches your home best.



Want to know how these fur stools were made? Check out this easy DIY tutorial by by Binaca Hall at French For Pineapple Blog.  Photos are by Bianca Hall.


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