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How should I clean my rug?

Posted by Marta Płaza on

Cleaning sheepskin carpet does not have to be as hard as it seems to be at the beginning! Many people resign from the purchase, due to the difficulties they are allegedly associated with keeping the sheepskin carpet in a perfect condition for a long time. Nothing more wrong! Check out some of our tips that will prove to you that fear has big eyes and everything in this topic is a piece of cake!
1. Use only cold water!
You should wet your rug in a tub fill with cold water. This is extremely important because hot water may damage the leather of a sheepskin!

2. Choose ONLY mild detergent!
Wondering what mild detergents are ? It's dead simple! Just remember that they should not: contain enzymes or bleach and be alkaline.
3. Remember about excess water!
Forgeting about rinse and remove of excess water is very common problem and a easy way to destroy your carpet. You should know that you should rinse only in a cool water. On next step you should use your hands :) Try to hand squeez as much water from your sheepskin as you are able to or just put it into washing machine but without heat!

4. Put it outside!
You can dry your rug also outside of the house, but make sure your carpet is not exposed to strong sunlight or any other kind of a heat.
5. What next?
To bring back the whole fluffiness of your rug just brush it with a wire dog brush. You will be suprised how cool it might looks even after a long time! :)

Maybe you have your own unique tips:)? If so, share it just right here!

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