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Double Sheepskin Rug Carpet. Genuine Sheepskin. Natural Sheepskin Pelt. Sheepskin Throw.

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Carpet made out of our two prime quality, with luxurious, soft and long hair Sheepskins.
You will not regret it! Once you place it in your room, you'll understand, that it's just pure magic!
You will definitely love it! It will make your room (Zuba)Homely! <3
Available in different colors. 
 Approximate Dimensions (L x W) 
200cm x 75cm 
 Customer’s special orders are carried out as well- there is a possibility of ordering sheepskin carpets in different shapes, sizes & lengths. Just get in touch with us! :) 
PLEASE NOTE: ivory, and all dyed colors  are always available in the warehouse, so we can prepare that kind of carpet much faster. Jacob sheepskins and another natural ones are rarely available and require much more precise preparation, so the time of preparation of this carpet immediately extended. Sometimes even up to two months

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