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GIANT and very elegant sheepskin rug! About 165cm long

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This is one of a kind product!!!

Thanks to its large size and fantastic long and soft hair it become a symbol of luxury and comfort in your home.

And that is not all!! Thanks to its tone bronze color and sophisticated style this rug will perfectly fit also to your office where your every customer will feel great!!

Buying Herd Store you can be sure that you will get only the highest quality and handmade products!

Herd store offers its customers only natural products. So that each one of them is very unique.
Produced in a picturesque village in the center of the Polish mountains, will bring to your home a breath of nature and tranquility. Don't forget about health benefits :)!

Approximate Dimensions:
Lenght: 165cm
Wide bottom: 100cm
Wide middle: 115cm

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