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ONE OF A KIND wooden lamp with twigs!! Amazing designs! Unique pattern! Fully natural! Prime quality!

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Change your home decor with some lightening! :) On this listing you can find really unique wooden lamp made with natural twigs! However by using the right materials, they are tough enough that you do not have to worry about any damages!

Thanks to the use of lacquer, the twigs shine very nice, but they do not lose their natural appearance at the same time.

With its minimalistic style, this lamp will suits to almost every room! It is also very handy, so you can easily change its location anywhere you want!

Lighbulb is not included!

Approximate dimensions:

Height ( with lampshade): 61cm
Width: 23cm

PLEASE NOTE: A long processing time is caused by the fact that every lamp we made by hand and sometimes we have to wait a little bit longer for materials!