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Small White Lambskin Rug

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Single Lambskin Rug in Natural White Color.

Because this is a lambskin, it's hair is very soft and luxurious - about 10 cm (4") long.
It looks great on sofa, chair, bed, or floor. Might be premium decoration as well as a comfy blanket . Also perfect for kids! Just read some articles about healthy benefits!

It will not only turn your room into the coziest place on earth but also will be good for your health. Whole tanning process is completely by our side, so we can be sure it is done properly and environmentally friendly.

There's nothing more we could say... just believe us - You will definitely love it!
It will make your room (Zuba) Homely! <3

Size Approximate Dimensions (L x W[bottom] W[middle])
90cm x 70cm x 60cm or  35"4 x 27"5" x 23"5


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